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Project Showcase

BlackBerry University Campus

2220 University Ave E, Waterloo, ON
New Office Buildings
Project Duration
4 years


This project was a greenfield development of a 36 acre Technology Park for a local global leader in wireless innovation.

The service infrastructure involved the construction of a fully accessible road system with the necessary services to provide full and reliable support to the facilities. The power transmission is a full dual service network providing the required reliability factor. Fibre optic service is complete as are gas, water and sewer.

Four buildings providing 750,000 sq. ft. of multi-faceted office and support space have been completed. To accommodate the densification of the site, three parking structures have been constructed adding 1,450 vehicle spaces.

To support the fast track project delivery, the building structures are structural steel frame with composite metal deck. The distinctive architectural design is maintained by a careful blend of precast, glazed curtain wall and brick veneer.

The facilities incorporate access floor systems to provide full flexibility contributing to a "plug and play" environment. The multi-use buildings are all fully supported with suitable levels of redundancy and building systems that are sustainable and adjustable to varied uses.


Due to the highly technical nature of the client’s business and the use of the building, they needed their operation to be running 24/7. This meant a full emergency backup system including UPS and generators paralleled to support the 4000A 600V service in each building. We were also responsible for the 13,800V system feeding the site, including the underground duct structures and exterior HV Vista switches to feed the buildings.


We completed a total of 673,200 sq. ft. of finished office space all on time including all changes. These buildings included some of the most complex electrical systems in our industry, including a significant commissioning component. We exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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