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High Voltage Services

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High Voltage Power Lines
High Voltage Wires

While most other electrical contractors have to outsource in order to take care of their clients’ high voltage needs, Stecho is one of only a few electrical contractors in the entire Kitchener-Waterloo Region that provides high voltage services.

By choosing Stecho as your high voltage services provider, you’ll gain the convenience of one supplier for all your electrical needs, and avoid the additional markup that other firms are forced to charge their customers in order to cover the cost of outsourcing this specialized service.


Our services include:

  • new construction supply and installation
    • dry and oil filled transformers
    • high voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear
    • overhead and underground high voltage cabling
    • substation enclosures
    • pole lines
    • testing and commissioning of all new equipment
    • duct banks
  • modification and upgrade of existing high voltage equipment
  • substation maintenance
    • cleaning and inspection
    • testing of cables, transformers, buswork, switchgear, breakers, and trip units
    • oil sampling and analysis
  • engineering and analysis
    • coordination studies
    • power systems monitoring
  • arc flash hazard analysis
    • electrical system survey and cataloguing
    • arc flash hazard software analysis
    • single line drawings, reports and labeling
  • underground pipe and cable locating